It may seem like a superficial aspect of an office, but the aesthetics of it do matter and play an essential role in the overall employee experience at work. Many employees who work at a traditional office-type job in a desk environment highly value their comfort while at work. They also put a lot of value on aesthetically pleasing workplaces.

This reinforces the importance of creating an appealing and functional space. Here’s why great aesthetics matter in offices.

Many employees who work at a traditional office-type job in a desk environment put a lot of value on great aesthetics in the workplaces. 

Photo by Huseyn Kamaladdin from Pexels

Makes employees happier

An aesthetically pleasing office or workspace contributes to an employee’s happiness while at work. From the colours of the walls to the equipment everyone uses to the way the office is laid out, every aspect affects and can impact the overall mood. If furniture, equipment, and decor had been carefully considered and arranged well, it makes employees feel as though they’re valued and essential to the company, versus if everything had been set up seemingly randomly without a second thought.

When the company cares enough to put time and effort into how the office looks, it gives employees a sense of pride knowing that’s the office they get to work in every day. Some companies do this by ensuring all staff use the newest computers and equipment, and some decorate and furnish following the latest trends. Some even consider the external of the building and design that as part of their overall aesthetic. To add opulence, there might be a statue or fountain. If your office is looking for ways to spruce up the outside of the building to reflect the company’s personality better, has a variety of water fountains and features.

Makes for a more productive work environment

Office spaces should feel welcoming and inspiring. Who wants to spend all day sitting in a cold, bland office all day? If you’re going to spend at least eight hours a day (or more) at the office, it should be a place that you want to go to and spend time in. It should be a place that inspires you to do your best work. Offices that don’t consider their aesthetics and have absolutely no personality can be uninspiring at best and distracting at worst. Employees who want to be in the office will be more productive. It’s just that simple.

The actual layout of the office is another aspect of the design that is important and conducive to a productive environment. An office layout that has been carefully considered is much more functional and helps employees work efficiently. It can also foster better collaboration and encourage more openness and communication between employees and departments. Plus, a well-designed and decorated office will make an excellent first impression for clients or stakeholders who come to visit.

Increases employee retention

Unhappy or disengaged staff members often cause employee turnover. If an employee is excited to come to work every day, is happy with their work environment, and is doing satisfying and quality work, they are much less likely to leave their current role. An office with great aesthetics is a critical factor in employee retention since the environment can play such a crucial role in employee happiness and productivity. So, if employees are happy and working well, the employee retention rate will increase.