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Hey there! I’m Shawn Ann, and I’m the owner here!

I am a licensed cosmetologist and licensed cosmetology instructor in the state of Michigan. I’m married with two boys and living to the fullest in Hawaii!

In addition to being a mother, I love to research my family history, garden, do crafts, crochet, and visit local attractions. Oh and let’s not forget, working on my Jeep!

Yes, I love to work on my Jeep. In fact, unless I don’t have the special tools for the job, I don’t let anyone else do the work. I don’t mind getting dirty to make my Jeep look the way I want it to. I have replaced the bumpers, replaced the fender flares, changed the spark plugs, done the oil changes, and even put on a new soft top. While tires tires are huge and weigh about as much as I do, I can even change a tire if need-be. Yeah, I’m not your typical hairstylist.

We are lucky enough to be able to live in Paradise, also known as Hawai’i! I am hoping to get my cosmetology license in Hawai’i so I can continue with my passion to do hair.

Blonde Shawn Ann
Shawn Ann

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