You’ve been hearing all about these bullet journals lately. Now you are wondering what topics you should include in your bullet journal. After you learn about the fundamentals of a bullet journal, it is time to actually start including pages. This really comes down to knowing what you need t include in the journal, but is also based on what your personal needs are.

Knowing what topics to include in your bullet journal is an essential pat of journaling. Keep the most important topics close by.


Topics to Include in Your Bullet Journal

The following tips help you include all the right topics in the bullet journal.

Index and Symbols

To start with, your bullet journal should include an index with page numbers on each page, and symbols for the various notes. These are some of the basic elements of a bullet journal that help get it organized and let you know how to find different sections of the journal.

You can title each section as needed, but make sure it is also included in the index. Update the index as much as you need to.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Calendars

Calendars are another very important part of having a bullet journal. You want to keep track of your appointments and schedules, and to do that you need multiple ways to do this. Just having a regular monthly calendar is great, but it makes it hard to include more information.

However, if you just had a daily or weekly calendar, then you wouldn’t have the benefit of seeing your month at a glance. For this reason, it is good to have daily, weekly, and monthly calendar pages in your bullet journal.

Life Goals and Aspirations

Not everything in your journal has to be about your daily tasks and to-do lists. You can also get more in-depth and really keep track of where you want to be in life.

You can start a bucket list or have a 5-year or 10-year plan in certain sections of the bullet journal. It also allows you to see what your main life goals are, make a list of what you need to do in order to achieve them, and then work on those tasks one at a time until you reach your goal.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

To take better care of yourself, make sure you include a health or lifestyle section. This part of the bullet journal is where you log your food, create meal plans, and make grocery lists.

You can collect recipes and include them or make lists of areas where you want to improve your nutrition. This also works great if you want to log in your weight and measurements to track them, or find out what your fitness routine should be.

Business Growth

If you are trying to start a business, definitely include that in your bullet journal. Enter notes about the type of business, what you need to start it, if you will have employees, how to get the legal and tax information done, and what marketing methods you would like to use.