The subject of visiting the dentist is a difficult one for many people. Dental anxiety, or fear of going to the dentist, is a genuine struggle that stems from either the fear of experiencing pain during an appointment or from not understanding what a dentist is doing to one’s mouth. Being confined to the dentist’s chair can make people feel anxious, vulnerable, and uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, dental anxiety leads many people to avoid visiting the dentist at all. When you neglect to take proper care of your mouth via routine visits to the dentist, you risk putting your overall dental health in jeopardy. Tooth decay, uncorrected tooth damage such as cracks or chips, and eroded enamel can all lead to a smile that is just as painful as it is unsightly.

When you neglect to take proper care of your mouth via routine visits to the dentist, you risk putting your overall dental health in jeopardy.

You might find yourself considering undergoing full mouth reconstruction. It should be noted, though, that full mouth reconstruction, or FMR, is a costly and time-consuming process. FMR is not necessary for more minor fixes. Minor fixes would include a single implant to replace a lost or severely damaged tooth. Instead, there are particular situations wherein one might consider having FMR.

Prolonged Bruxism

Many candidates for full mouth reconstruction in Houston choose to opt for such procedures because they have worn down the surface of their teeth through years of bruxism. Bruxism, or tooth grinding, is a fairly common occurrence. Some people grind their teeth out of habit, while others might do so in times of stress, or some people might even do it in their sleep and not realize. Over time, bruxism can lead to the necessity for multiple crowns, in some cases, as many as ten or more.

Patients who require multiple crowns through FMR will find themselves attending multiple appointments to have the necessary work done. They will also be advised to wear a nightguard to make sure that the new crowns stay protected from damage.

Underlying Health Issues

Some severe illnesses and diseases, unfortunately, result in dental problems as well. For instance, acid reflux sufferers tend to see higher than average erosion on their teeth. This is because stomach acid easily erodes and weakens the overall condition of one’s teeth. For the same reason, pregnant mothers who suffer from morning sickness tend to have dental problems as well.

If your teeth have been affected by stomach acid erosion resulting from an underlying health issue, you might need to consider FMR to fix the damage that has been done to your teeth over time.


Accidents and other trauma involving impact to the face or mouth can cause severe damage to one’s teeth. It is not uncommon for teeth to become misaligned after trauma. Some accidents can even cause one’s teeth to fall out.

If you have had damage to multiple teeth from trauma, your FMR plan might include the replacement of lost teeth with implants or the realignment of teeth via Invisalign. Your FMR specialist will be able to design a plan tailored to your specific situation.