Running a home business has many of the risks that running any business has. You have the risks of financial security, overworking yourself, and not sticking to it. Each one of these problems has very simple solutions. Running a home business shouldn’t be as stressful as some people make it. The rewards of your own business far outweigh the risks of running a home business. Let’s talk about it.

As with anything, there are risks. It no surprise that there are risks of running a home business. Here are the three most common risks.

Home Business Risks

Financial Security

Financial security is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think about starting up their own business. Rightfully so, as everyone who’s in business is in business to make money. Whether it’s to support yourself and your family or if you just want the extra income, running a home business can put you in between a financial rock and a hard place. Things to consider are whether or not your product or service can do well. Are you local? If so, is the local market somewhere that your product or service can do well? If you’re Internet-based, what makes your product or service better than all the other companies on the Internet? You have to stand out from the crowd and make a name for yourself. Establish your brand and you’ll do great. Don’t be afraid to fail a couple of times before you get it right!


Sometimes when you work from home, you get comfortable in the fact that you can wake up and go to work in your pajamas. Sure, you can do whatever you want. However, you have to be careful not to get greedy and take on too many clients or projects all at once. It’s easy to become burnt out from your home business – especially if you’re the only one working it! Be sure to set yourself office hours just like every other business. Take at least one day a week off and totally disconnect from work if you can. I’d also recommend treating your office as your workplace only. The only thing you should do in your workplace is well… work. Don’t lounge around or become too comfortable or you won’t ever want to get work done!

Sticking To It

With the last two risks in mind, running a home business is probably starting to sound a little scary! Don’t let it be. You’re going to make mistakes at first. You’re going to mess up incredibly bad to a point that it may not be repaired! It’s okay! Step back. Learn from it. Then keep going. Just because you had a “bad month” doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bad year. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t take business too personally. The biggest mistake I see new owners making is getting too personally attached to their business. If something goes wrong with their business, they take it so badly that they just give up! Keep moving, and you’ll be successful.

There are just a few risks of running a home business. The ones that stand out the most to be are financial, physical, and emotional health. Don’t be afraid to rebrand if you need to, don’t overwork yourself, and whatever you do, don’t take business personally! Do you run a home business? What do you do? Let’s talk about it!