I have always been the type of parent that makes one full meal for the entire family. I don’t make something special for one of the kids because they don’t like what I made.  That is unless they try it and don’t like it.  Then and only then will they be allowed to get something different to eat. These are some of our favorite kid approved recipes that we have in our home!

Kid Approved Recipes

Homemade Chili Recipe: Our family favorite homemade chili recipe is simple to prepare and leaves everyone asking for seconds!

Needless to say, with me being a picky eater I have children who are picky eaters. As you can imagine, I have to find as many recipes for me to make that are not only kid approved but that are healthy.  Granted, not all of our meals are completely healthy but I had something that is just so awesome tasting even if it isn’t super healthy every once in a while is OK.

Turning your Chicken Parmesan into a Baked Pasta dish that everyone will love. You can even turn this into a one-pot dish!

When I was given the opportunity to put together a collection of Sunday dinner recipes from Foodie, I was super happy. I was not only able to use several of the recipes our family already enjoys! I was able to search around Foodie and find several more that looked to be kid approved and perfect for a Sunday Family Dinner!  Yes, I have a few of my recipes in this collection; Chicken Parmesan Baked Pasta, Chicken & Snow Pea Spaghetti, and my family’s recipe for Homemade Chili. Of course, I cannot wait to try each and every one of the other recipes I added to the collection!

Add a little chicken and snow peas to your spaghetti noodles and you have a nice main dish meal for lunch or dinner!

Which Sunday Family Dinner in my collection would you like to try the most?