Who doesn’t love a good grilled cheese sandwich? What’s not to love about them? Not only are they super easy to make, but they are super yummy too! They are one of the first foods we taught Thaddeus to make on his own using the stove. He is only 10-years-old and already making some of his very own lunches that involve the stove, this one being his favorite meals to make on his own. If a 10-year-old can make one, then so can you. It has become his new favorite lunch, mostly because it is something that he can make all on his own. It is nice that we can even ask him to make us one or make one for his younger brother.

Funny thing, as I’m typing this post up he is making lunch for himself and guess what it is? I bet you can figure it out easily. Wonder if he was watching me type up this post and thought to himself how much he’d like to have one. Or maybe it is because it’s lunch time here and he likes to be as independent as he can, or as much as we’ll allow him to be.

Who doesn't love a good grilled cheese sandwich? Here are 15 different recipes for grilled cheese sandwiches that anyone can make!

15 Grilled Cheese Recipes For All Cooking Skill Levels

Some of these may be a little bit more involved when making, so be sure not just to let your children loose while making some of these. That is if you allow your kids to cook some of their meals. Although these sandwiches are super easy for your kids to make, you don’t want to let them loose on the stove and with very sharp kitchen knives. Adult supervision may be necessary.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Here you will find 15 different recipes, and you just might be able to find one that will become your ultimate favorite. These are also recipes that just about anyone can make. I think I’m going to try each and every one of them because we could add something new to our meals, especially at lunch time.  We may even find a few of them added to our favorite meals that we make multiple times a month.

  1. Jalapeno Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Sophistishe
  2. Bacon Waffle Grilled Cheese from From Val’s Kitchen
  3. Grilled Cheese Biscuits from Just 2 Sisters
  4. Ultimate Breakfast Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Flour On My Face
  5. Patty Melt Grilled Cheese from Mama Of 3 Munchkins
  6. Blueberry Brie Grill Cheese w/ Basil and Cinnamon Brown Sugar from Mom Foodie
  7. The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe from Simmworks Family Blog
  8. Grilled Cheese Rollups from A Mitten Full Of Savings
  9. Crisp Berry And Mascarpone Sandwich from Simply Stacie
  10. Sriracha Grilled Cheese Sandwich from More With Less Today
  11. The Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Divine Lifestyle
  12. Loaded Cheese Fry Grilled Cheese from Burlap Kitchen
  13. Easy Pizza Grilled Cheese from Not Quite Susie Homemaker
  14. Whole Grain Cheesetopia from Slap Dash Mom
  15. Italian Grilled Cheese Sandwich from My Organized Chaos

OK, you’ve read the list, and you’ve probably gone to several of the sites. Which of these sandwiches are you most interested in trying? Which one would you allow your children to make on their own? Which one would you allow them to make with your supervision? Which one would your kids like to make the most?  I know Thaddeus would prefer to make just an ordinary one, but I’m hoping that one day we’ll be able to get him to try new foods!