Here we are with the second part of the Arrival of Xavier. If you haven’t read the first part, please see Part 1 of The Arrival of Xavier!

It’s now Sunday, and Xavier still wasn’t very active, so after lunch we headed to the hospital to see if everything is OK.  The visit started off as just a normal visit.  Got put into a room and hooked up onto the NST monitor and everything was looking good.  They also did an ultrasound and he was moving around just fine and passed all the tests, just as he had been at my regular check-ups.  The only problem now was that I had very high blood pressure, so they decided to keep me in the hospital!

The Arrival of Xavier

Having the feeling that I’d end up staying at the hospital, we brought some of my things so that I’d have any necessities I’d need for at least one night.  After being officially admitted to the hospital, for the second time, I got myself settled for the night.  The long wait for my regular high-risk doctor to come back from vacation and to see what would happen next.

Delivery Day

Monday morning, I wake up and everything is about the same.  My blood pressure was still elevated, although it had been lower than it was, but not low enough.  I waited for the doctor to come in to see me, and while waiting since she was later than normal, I ordered my breakfast and once it arrived I ate it.

Just as I was eating, one of the interns that works with the high-risk doctor came in to talk to me and just as I was finishing my breakfast he was able to get a hold of the high-risk doctor and things were going to happen.  She didn’t want me to eat, and since I had already done so, they were scheduling me for a c-section for 4PM that day.  THAT DAY!  The doctor comes in and I talk to her myself and she says that this is going to happen, because my blood pressure is so high they need to deliver.

Throughout the day they move me back into the birthing center, where I previously stayed, and while there I started making my calls.  Called hubby and told him what was going on and that he needed to be here before 4PM and talked about getting a hold of my mom to watch Thaddeus in the waiting room if we couldn’t get someone else to watch him.  I then called my mom to tell her and she was getting out of work early anyway so she was stopping by as soon as she was done with what she had to get done and would watch Thaddeus if the other person couldn’t do so.  I also called my dad, brother, and mother-in-law, and let them all know what was to happen later that day.

Then everything changed!

Once I got into the birthing center area and I was patiently waiting until delivery time. Then my blood pressure dropped and things started to go back to normal.  Because my blood pressure dropped the doctor decided to hold off on the delivery and that we’d take it one day at a time. Because I was already scheduled to do my ultrasound and NST that day, then shipped me over to the ultrasound area and had that done.  Everything looked great.  Head back to the birthing center to find my mom waiting for me.

After I got into the room they started to get me hooked up to the NST monitor and to do a blood pressure check.  The next thing I knew there were several people coming in and they were getting me ready for a c-section.  I told my mom to call Brandon, I handed her my phone and his phone was already ringing.  Told him he had to get his ass here immediately.  This was one of those, “Do no pass go, do not collect $200.” HURRY!

It’s Time!

Rush, Rush, Rush, everyone was rushing to get me ready and I was fighting….You have to wait for my husband to get here. I was told he’d have plenty of time to get here and this isn’t happening unless he’s here!

They finally get me all prepped and wheel me into the OR.  My mom had to wait out in the waiting area until everything was set up. Then she’d be able to come in (or so we thought).  Once I was fully prepped and ready to go, they went to get her. However, my husband showed up they’d only let one person in.  So thankfully he made it. Although it would have been nice to have had my mom in there with me too!

Xavier has Arrived

After some pulling and tugging, at least that’s what it felt like to me. I couldn’t feel anything else, I could hear the little cry from our Xavier!  There was actually a good amount of crying and hubby was able to get some pictures. This was something we couldn’t get with Thaddeus because the hospital didn’t allow pictures in the room with a c-section.

So here are some pictures from the OR and one from the NICU.

Xavier has arrived! This is the second part of the story of the arrival of Xavier. His arrival wasn't anywhere near what we expected.

First Picture of Xavier


Xavier arrived at 2:51PM on May 23, 2011. He weighted in at 2lbs 8oz and 15.4″ long.

I am obviously doing fine as I’m posting and should be going home today!  Unfortunately Xavier will be remaining in the hospital for about a month or so. At least until he is big enough and strong enough to come home. So we’ll be going back and forth from the hospital until that time.