It all really started last week.  I went in for my normal 3 days a week check-up on Monday (May 16th). Everything was looking good except for the blood flow to the baby.  This wasn’t the first time that this was a problem. The last time this happened they admitted me to the hospital.  This time I was a little more fortunate. Instead of admitting me, they wanted me to come back the next day for another follow-up.  Along with the follow-up, they wanted to get me another dose of steroid shots to help out our little guy. This was just the start of the arrival of Xavier.

On Tuesday, May 17th, I had my follow-up and the 2nd dose of the steroid shot and all was good.  Flow was looking normal, NST was good.  So I was home free.

And then it all started!

I still had my normal check-ups on Wednesday and Friday for the week to come. I went in but had mentioned that the baby wasn’t moving as much. We weren’t sure if it was due to the steroid shots or what. So, we just kept an eye on him.  We’ll start with Wednesday.  He passed all his exams during the ultrasound and looked good on the NST.  The doctor wasn’t too concerned since he was moving around (as we could see on the ultrasounds). He said this does happen at times with the steroid shots and we went on with the check-ups.

Thursday Xavier was pretty active, moving around and things were going back to normal so I thought :woohoo nothing to worry about, it was indeed the steroid shots, or so we thought.

Friday, I had a late check-up appointment, so I rested a good amount after dropping Thaddeus off at school and after a day of not doing much of anything (some dishes was about it) I headed to the hospital for my Friday check-up.  Xavier wasn’t very active all day, so I was  hoping he was just snoozing for the day and would perk up once we got to the hospital and hooked upon the monitors.  Ultrasound went first, and it was good.  He was moving around, but not as strong as he always was in the past, but he passed all his tests and then we headed over to the NST.  He passed that too, but barely.  They said had he been over 32 weeks already then he wouldn’t have passed but because he was just under 32 weeks he was good to go.

Last Family Photo before the arrival of Xavier

Saturday (May 21st), I was really starting to get concerned because Xavier wasn’t moving around, whether I was relaxing or if I was active myself.  Our biggest thing of the day was going out and getting a current family photo taken along with some professional maternity pictures and then purchasing a travel system so we have a car seat and good stroller for our arrival.  Anyway, I decided that I would wait until Sunday and if he didn’t get more active than I would go in to the Birthing Center (where I previously stayed) as instructed from the high-risk doctor, and get things checked out.

It’s now Sunday, and Xavier still wasn’t very active, so after lunch we headed to the hospital to see if everything is OK.  The visit started off as just a normal visit.  Got put into a room and hooked up onto the NST monitor and everything was looking good.  They also did an ultrasound and he was moving around just fine and passed all the tests, just as he had been at my regular check-ups.  The only problem now was that I had very high blood pressure, so they decided to keep me in the hospital!

The Arrival of Xavier – Part 1

We have another boy, Xavier. This is the first part of the story of the arrival of Xavier. His arrival wasn't anywhere near what we expected.
Stay tuned for part 2 of this story.