Imagine it is the end of the month, and you are almost broke with apparently very little cash on you. You get a call from your best friend that she has arranged a birthday party for her baby daughter who just turned 5. Since she is your best friend, you can not make an excuse to find a way out of how to buy gifts with literally a few dollars.

Seven Easy-To-Make DIY Gifts For Kids

Well, this article has you figured! In the blog ahead, we are going to give you a few fantastic and super easy ideas for you to make some DIY gifts for kids. These ideas are also extremely easy on your pockets. So, without further ado, let’s hop on!

Art Box Kit:

One thing kids adore is crafty. It is also an excellent way for their creative skills from a young age. Art and crafts also keep the kids away from unnecessary screen time, which has become a nuisance for the parents in today’s day and age.

To make the art box kit, all you must do is take a cute little cardboard box and wrap it up in some fun and colorful wrapping paper. You can buy some from the best bulk gift wrapping paper company online and also store some for emergency gift-making purposes.

Now for the actual kit, throw in some watercolors, poster paints, brushes, crayons, pencil colors, glue, scissors, glitters, stickers, an apron, and of course, a stack of white drawing sheets. Also, make sure the paints are washable; otherwise, you may later suffer from the wrath of the parents.

Gardening Box:

Gardening is for both children and adults. Often, parents struggle with getting their kids involved in some enjoyable yet constructive activities. This gardening box is a great idea, and the parents will keep blessing you for it.

All you need to do is to collect some critical hand-held tools such as the spade, hoe, hand trowel, bucket, and a set of gloves for the child to wear while gardening. You can also add some necessary plant seeds along with a small watering can to water the plants later.

To make things easier for the child, you can add a list of the steps they would need to follow to plant the seeds and water them daily. Add some information about the plants to give it a more educational touch. =

Popsicle Trivia Game

If you happen to have some leftover popsicle sticks lying around the house, then you can make this fun and informative popsicle trivia game for the kids. First up, take some colors and paint the popsicle sticks in bright colors. Next, make a list of fun trivia questions that would interest the kids. Print these questions out on a paper and cut them out in thin strips in a way that each item glued to a popsicle stick.

Further, add all these popsicles in a jar and seal the cap. Tie up the pot, attach a list of rules of the game on it with a ribbon and you are all done!

Slam Book With Printable Sheets

If the kid you are making the gift for is a girl, then this is the perfect gift for you to make! Girls love having personal journals for writing and decorating. Slam books are something we all owned as a kid or a teen. If you are too lazy and do not want to put in a lot of effort, you can get printable sheets from the internet and make a slam book in mere minutes!

Stack up the sheets, get a hardcover for it or if you are very short on time, just tie them up with some colorful ribbons. You can add on some sticker sheets and glitter pens along with the slam book, and you have only made yourself a perfect gift for the birthday girl!

Cardboard Castle

We all have some leftover cardboard boxes stacked up in our garage from the last time we moved. Planning a DIY cardboard castle is an excellent opportunity to reuse such boxes. All you need is some glue, packaging tubes, some light cardboard boxes such as the cereal boxes and also some paints! It is not a massive list of things, to begin with, but once you make a start, it is a whole lot of effort. If you are someone who loves being crafty, then making this cardboard castle is a perfect activity for you!

Additionally, once the kids see it, they would go crazy! There is just something between kids and castles. They go along too well!


The more effort and love you put into making a gift, the happier it will make the person receiving the present. DIY gifts are an excellent way to save some cash. Just pick the one you feel would be most liked because you are making it for and get going! Best of luck!

Other Ideas For DIY Gifts

You can find many other DIY Crafts for the family to do, either together or by themselves. Here are a couple of my favorite DIY crafts to try out that make great gifts for your friends and family.