Not too long ago, we were living life in paradise. We have a small plot of land in the southernmost town of the United States of America. We were in Hawaii and, for the most part, loving it. Then we decided we needed change, for the sake of the kids. So, we decided it was time to leave paradise and head back to the mainland and settle back down in Michigan. But, before that, we would take a road trip from San Diego to Michigan. Hitting great places like the San Diego Zoo, and so much more! After arriving in San Diego and picking my Jeep up at the port facility, we started our road trip. Our first stop was SeaWorld and although we enjoyed the visit, going to the San Diego Zoo was the one place I wanted to visit. I love zoos. I love animals. One of the great things about San Diego is that you can get a Go City Card and visit many of the attractions at a discounted rate.

Family time while spending the Day at the San Diego Zoo to see all the animals. You could spend a full day, or longer, at the San Diego Zoo!

San Diego Zoo

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Without looking up the specifics, I’m not sure which Zoo is bigger; the Detroit Zoo or the San Diego Zoo. However, I do know that after walking around the San Diego Zoo, it sure feels bigger. This might be because of all the hills, or it just might be bigger. Nonetheless, WHAT A GREAT VISIT!

Our first stop at the zoo was to take the bus tour around the zoo. We were able to get a good idea as to what animals were at the zoo as well as a general idea as to where they were all at.

Zoo Animals

There were several animals that I just had to see and of course the Tigers were the most important to me. I love tigers! They weren’t easy to find, even after taking the bus tour around and seeing where they were. But, I did find them. I wasn’t able to get many good shots of them due to the type of enclosure they were in, but I enjoyed watching them.


Another favorite of mine is the pandas. We don’t get to see them too often, especially since there are none at the Detroit Zoo. Boy did I get to see them! Not only were they a bit active, but I was also able to get some great shots!


Then there are the giraffes and elephants. I haven’t been able to see elephants in a long time. They were taken away from the Detroit Zoo many years ago due to there habitat not being Big enough for them. I love giraffes and had a great surprise at the San Diego Zoo because they had a baby giraffe! Well, I’m not sure how much of a baby it was, but it was a small one and boy was it cute!!!


Look at how cute!


I know that we didn’t get the chance to see all of the animals, however, we did get to see a good portion of them.  Here are just a few other animals we got the chance to see.


What a beauty she is!



Hamadryas Baboon

Not sure if this Baboon was angry or just yawning since it was still kind of early.


This little guy or girl was an active little Koala. Climbing all over and making a show!


Hey there, how’s it going?

Have you ever been to the San Diego Zoo? What was your favorite part? Let me know in the comments.