When we moved to Hawaii almost three years ago, we thought it was going to be an adventure of a lifetime. Little did we know that just under three years after arriving, we’d be packing up our belongings and taking our next adventure. We’re going to travel across the country on the Great American Road Trip!

The great American road trip is probably one of the most traveled routes in America. We get to be one of the families to travel this route and we cannot wait.

Travel Cross-Country On The Great American Road Trip

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? After being on an island for the last few years, I’m ready for the Great American Road Trip! Don’t get me wrong; there have been some great moments and adventures that we’ve had while living in Hawaii. However, you just can’t beat jumping in the vehicle and take a road trip! Especially when you get to go somewhere other than in a big circle seeing the same things. If all goes as planned. We are dropping my Jeep off to be shipped to San Diego in just over a week. We will then be flying out of Hawaii in three weeks to start our travel journey. From San Diego, we will be traveling through parts of California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indianapolis, Kentucky, Ohio, and hitting our final destination in Michigan. This is not only going to be a family road trip, but it’ll also be an educational road trip. During our travels, we will visit the Hoover Dam, The Grand Canyon, the Meteor Crater, several other states/federal parks, zoos, ghost towns, museums, and so much more. Our trip will last about 10-14 days, and when we hit Michigan our next journey will begin! Another journey you ask? Once we hit Michigan, we will start looking for our new home. That’s right; we’re moving from Hawaii and heading back to Michigan! Crazy, right? Not really. Although we have loved many things about Hawaii, it just isn’t the place where we want to live with kids, at least right now. It isn’t all paradise here, even though everything you see about Hawaii tells you otherwise.

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