This past weekend we took a family vacation to West Michigan. The trip started as a media trip to Michigan’s Adventure for the family but we decided to extend the stay for some quiet time and family time visiting areas of Michigan that we have not been to.

The trip was originally for a day at Michigan’s Adventure, in which we received complimentary passes for.  However, we decided to turn it into a little weekend getaway to enjoy! Enjoy, we sure did!

A West Michigan trip to remember. Checking out Michigan's Adventure, Lake Michigan, Lakeside Inn Resort, and so much more.

Michigan’s Adventure

First, let’s talk about Michigan’s Adventure. I am a born and raised Michigander and this was the FIRST time I had ever been to Michigan’s Adventure. In fact, it wasn’t until I received a pitch about attending the park during press day that I even knew about the park. I know, bad. But I’m from the east side of the state and we alway went to Cedar Point for our amusement park.

A West Michigan trip to remember. Checking out Michigan's Adventure, Lake Michigan, Lakeside Inn Resort, and so much more.

Thaddeus & Xavier flying

Anyway, it was a great visit and the entire family had so much fun, even Xavier who didn’t get to experience much of the park due to his age. Check out the pictures from our day!

White River Light Station

While we were on this side of the state, we decided to do some driving around to see what we could find. What we found was beautiful. We found the White River Light Station and just had to stop and see it.

White River Light Station

The White River Light station was built in 1875, just four years after the Great Chicago fire. A channel was dug in 1870 between Lake Michigan and White Lake to facilitate the access of lumber schooners. The ship captains were headed to the sawmills which were located on White Lake, a tributary of the White River and adjacent to the majestic pine forests. Eventually, passengers traveled on steamships from Chicago to enjoy the summer resort activities of the White Lake area.  The beautiful brick building still reverberates with the character and stories of such prominent residents as the first keeper. Captain William Robinson came from England and served 47 years with his wife Sarah and their large family of thirteen children.

Check out the pictures I took while walking around the grounds.

White River Light Station

White River Light Station

White River Light Station

Lakeside Inn Resort

We decided to rent a room at the Lakeside Inn Resort. It was a nice visit because we were almost the only guests there because they were just opening for the season. We got to have the dining area to ourselves, the beach area to ourselves, and well, most of the resort to ourselves.

Room with a view

Check out that view, from our room!

Xavier on Lake Michigan

I’m not exactly sure what Xavier was telling us at the time of this picture. But it probably has something to do with how empty the place was and that he enjoyed having it all to ourselves.

Thaddeus on Lake Michigan

Thaddeus, in his element. this boy is his happiest at the water.

Lake Michigan

How could we drive from one side of the state to the other and not see Lake Michigan, we couldn’t! We had to spend at least a little time at the water. We opted to see the lake right at the White River Light Station. It was a beautiful “beach” area. I say beach area because there was a beautiful white sand beach right there and no one was around.

Brothers walking on Lake Michigan

Have you been to West Michigan? Where was your favorite place to visit?