During guided meditations, you are often asked to focus on things such as the sounds you can here, or the physical sensations of your body. The reason you are asked to focus on such matters is that it is an excellent way to clear your mind of other distractions. It is hard to switch off your thoughts entirely, but to meditate effectively; you need to reduce the noise in your head. Although focusing on your senses is a useful way to help you meditate, they can also help you feel more enriched in your daily routine. It’s easy to forget to pay attention to our senses but living in the moment can help you live a happier life.

Although focusing on your senses is a useful way to help you meditate, they can also help you feel more enriched in your daily routine.


When you are caught up in your thoughts, it’s easy to stop noticing what is going on around you. For example, if you’re commuting to work on the train, do you stare out of the window without seeing the world beyond it? Perhaps you choose to stare at your phone screen instead? Take the opportunity to focus on the things around you – other people or the beauty of nature. Let yourself take it in and realize how much more there is to see.


It’s essential to listen to others to improve your communication skills and relationships. Often people only half-listen to a conversation, distracted by their thoughts or a TV show that’s on in the background. Even listening to a piece of music intently and getting lost in the sound can be an enjoyable experience. For those who have problems with their hearing, consider seeking professional help from places like Imperialhearing.com.


Taking the time to savor your food is not only an excellent way to improve your mental well-being but helps to promote an overall healthy relationship with eating. A balanced diet is essential to maintain, but it’s OK to treat yourself to something a little more indulgent from time to time. When you do, take your time eating it to enjoy the flavors.


Physical contact with other people helps to boost your mood significantly. It could be a kiss from your partner or a hug from your best friend – both make you feel wanted and loved. Even petting a dog or cat promotes positive feelings of happiness, which is why they are used as therapy animals for those who have depression or anxiety.


It’s always a lot more pleasant to walk into a room that smells clean and fresh instead of one that is stale and musty. Certain fragrances are used to promote relaxation – the most common scent for this being lavender. Using incense or room sprays at home can help to create a calming setting to live in.

Although life can get busy and keep you distracted, try to pay more attention to your senses and what they’re telling you about the world surrounding you. This could help to introduce a bit more clarity and calm into your daily life.