Today’s schedules are more hectic than ever, and everybody is stressing over the coronavirus pandemic. What could be the best way to stay calm and keep stress away from yourself in such a stressful routine? A short trip to your favorite place over the weekend, a night out with your friends for dinner, and sometimes, staying at home in bed wearing your comfy PJs is another way to reduce stress.

Amidst all these tricks to stay healthy, happy, and peace of mind, food is an easy hack as well. The majority of people find food as a source of energy or a necessity to survive. However, Healthline mentions it as an ideal stress-reliever. Believe it or not, you feel relaxed whenever your favorite food item is in front of you. Chocolates, ice creams, and other sweets have a profound effect on your upset mood and low morale. Eggs, shellfish, broccoli, and chickpeas have antioxidants that help you fight stress and boost productivity as much as possible.

Managing dinner on a weekday is the biggest challenge one can have in a day. Many people find it a trickier job than their office tasks.

Trendy Weeknight Dinner to Make in 2020

Managing dinner on a weekday is the biggest challenge one can have in a day. Many people find it a trickier job than their office tasks. Nevertheless, you have to think about it daily, and frozen foods are not an excellent option for dinner every day. What are the possible solutions to it? Some trending mouth-watering dishes are always a big yes for dinner. Here are some of these dishes that are trending in 2020, and weeknight dinners just got better this year.

Crockpot Salsa Grilled Chicken on Monday

Heading to the office after an exciting weekend at your friend’s place is overwhelming for everyone. To make Monday nights better, you can enjoy the delicious crockpot salsa chicken. The name might drop on you as an unhealthy dish, but it is among the healthy grilled chicken recipes you will find on the internet. Marinate boneless chicken and grill it so that it becomes tender and rich in taste. Shred the chicken pieces, and add taco and salsa seasoning to it. Pair it with tortilla chips or rice and enjoy a mouth-watering and healthy recipe this Monday night.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Are you feeling full already? Well, the name is filling, and so is this salad. Buffalo, chickpeas, and some other green veggies are the perfect healthy dinner any day of the week. Keep this dish for the most hectic day when you are lousy and don’t feel like cooking. Assembling the tender meat, boiled chickpeas, tomatoes, and iceberg with yummy sauces in a large bowl is the complete meal you can enjoy tonight.

Enjoy a Taco Tuesday

Making tacos sounds like a daunting process, but the tacos you will be enjoying this Tuesday are different. The rich taco taste in the most effortless procedure is available just busy-heads like you. All you have to do is blend in the sauce (preferably achiote paste) and grill tortillas. Spread the sauce, add pork or any other meat you like, add some tomatoes and cucumber, and enjoy the yummiest dinner on Tuesdays.

Cheese Stuffed Chicken Parm

Shoutout to all the cheese-lovers! Treat yourself with a splashing taste of cheese once a week. It would not harm you at all. The cheese stuffed chicken parm recipe is what you can cook as a cheese treat—thinking about the ingredients? Some spices, mozzarella cheese, boneless chicken, and a preheated oven is all that it demands. Find out the recipe and bless your mouth and stomach with the cheesiest dish of all times.

Shrimp Tacos on Wednesdays?

Did you know that tacos have the most variations in stuffing? Here is another one, especially for seafood enthusiasts. Grill tortillas, shallow fry the clean shrimps, and make the sauce of your dreams for this one. Garnish with avocados, lime wedges, sour cream, and thin radish slices are the perfect combo. Add some cheese cubes and pineapples if you like and make these Wednesday nights worth it.

Air Fried Chicken Breast

Are you not a big oily foods fan but meat is your weakness? Well, it is the era of air fryers, and chicken breast has become more accessible to cook these days. After an exhausting meeting with your boss, grab chicken breast and head straight to your kitchen. Brined chicken coated in flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs will make every exertion at the office count. Bonus point: you get an oil-free chicken breast to satisfy the chicken temptation.

Leftover Ham? Ham and Bean Soup Thursday it is

Do you have any leftover hams in the fridge from last night? Great! Ham and bean soup Thursday night is desperately waiting for you. Yellow onion, garlic, celery, thyme, carrots, chicken broth, and boiled white beans make the perfect combo for your soup. Don’t worry about the taste. It will be the best soup you will ever have on a Thursday night.

Skinny Alfredo Pasta

When nothing goes right, Alfredo pasta it is. Do you feel everything is falling apart, and you have become the least productive version of yourself? Alfredo pasta is here to the rescue. Some Greek yogurt, grated parmesan, crushed black pepper, and chopped parsley is all you need. Assemble all the ingredients in your boiled pasta and enjoy it.

Chicken and Waffle Casserole Friday

Finally, it’s Friday, and an exciting weekend is waiting for you. End your week with the exotic taste of waffles and chicken this Friday. To all the casserole fanatics, you will never find a better way to end a tiring week and begin a fun weekend. The dish seems more like breakfast, but you can have it as a dinner meal as well. You would not regret the idea ever because the taste is delicious. It also has all the great ingredients like eggs that are not harmful to your health.

Mexican Tostadas

Are you looking for some spicy flavor on a weeknight? Mexican tostadas are the right choice if you can handle the spicy yet exotic flavor of black pepper, red chili powder, red onion, lime, oregano, and pinto beans.

The Final Words

Healthy eating habits are essential to spend a perfect life and stay stress-free. The hectic everyday schedules have made it tough to eat and drink healthy. Furthermore, cooking trendy yet healthy recipes has become a problem for everyone. Nonetheless, you cannot always hit the restaurant or order yummy dishes.

Every year has some new, tasty, and healthy food recipes that can make weeknight dinners more exotic than ever. Dishes are rich in taste and nutrition, and playing with the spices is not a big deal for you. Since weeknights are tiresome and boring, these trending foods are a great way of making them exciting.