Being engaged and getting married is an extraordinary time in your life. It’s a milestone that you’ll want to cherish and remember forever. It’ll be nice to have engagement pictures that you can look back on as you get older and the years pass by.

Your engagement session is a time to celebrate your love and show friends and family your unique bond through photography.
Your engagement session is a time to celebrate your love and show friends and family your unique bond through photography. There are specific tips you’ll want to follow if you’re going to have a more successful shoot and fall in love with your photos. Choose a photographer based on your taste and style and whose personality meshes well with yours and your future husband’s.

Plan Your Outfits

One tip for having engagement photos you’ll love is to plan your outfits ahead of time. Have a few options so you can change and have a couple of different looks. Not only make sure the clothes fit you properly but also try to coordinate colors between you and your partner. Look through your closet to see what you already own and go shopping together to see what’s out there. Try on many different choices and styles until you find the right garments that will make you two shine and look your best.

Have A Unique Setting

Take time to think about where you want your engagement photos taken and what locations and settings are unique to you as a couple. One idea is to check out Ticket sales and purchase tickets to a fun activity you enjoy doing together, such as water sports, a cruise, or a helicopter ride, and have your photographer follow you and get some action shots. Research what places other couples have had their pictures taken and then narrow it down by considering your lifestyle and what best describes and defines your relationship.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Your engagement photos will be that much better when you two look well-rested. Therefore, get plenty of sleep the night before and the days leading up to your shoot. Also, try to limit your alcohol intake and instead hydrate by drinking plenty of water. While makeup can fix some blemishes, it’ll be hard to hide very dark circles under your eyes. Your photos will turn out better when you’re not sleep-deprived and are wearing natural smiles.

Relax & Have Fun

Most importantly, you can ensure you’ll love your engagement photos when it looks like you’re relaxed and having fun. Try not to focus on any nerves you’re feeling. Iinstead concentrate on looking at each other and enjoying this special moment. The more at ease you are and calmer you stay, the more likely it is that you’ll be photogenic, and your true personalities will shine through in your pictures.


Having professional photos taken can be nerve-wracking, especially when it’s for your wedding. Apply these tips and take the time to prepare for the event. You’ll be sure to fall in love with the final product. Involve your spouse in the planning process and help each other to feel more comfortable and relaxed on the day of the shoot.