Who would have thought that my day would have gone from any normal day to the day I ended up in the hospital, in labor, with Thaddeus’ arrival nearing?

The Day I Became a Mom!

I was having some contractions on the 16th. They started at about 10:30 in the morning and were anywhere from 5 minutes to 21 minutes apart. Well at about 3:30 or so they started to stay at right about 5 minutes apart, so I called my doctor at about 4:45. As soon as she called me back, she asked a few questions and told me to come on in to Labor & Delivery.

Heading to the Hospital!

So DH got the last of my bags together, and we headed to Labor & Delivery at about 5 PM. We sat in the waiting room for about an hour before they finally called me into the room to hook me up to the monitors. After about 30 minutes they checked me, and I was four-1/2cm and still 50%, so they called the doctor, and she told me to go walking the halls. About an hour later I went back, and I was still at four-1/2cm but 90%. They called the doctor again, and she said to get me ready to break my water. At about 8:30 or so a doctor came in a broke my water.


They kept asking if I wanted an epi and I told them not yet. I went until about 10:30 or so without any pain meds; then I finally said I need it. They got the epi in….can we say OUCHHHHH!!!! Then they started to induce me because I was not dilating anymore. They upped the dosage continuously until about 7 AM the 17th when they finally said you aren’t getting any further (by this time I was at 8cm) and we are going to do a c-section. They told me that I could probably sit in labor for another two hours and get to 10, but they didn’t think Thaddeus would handle the delivery after that.


I was not doing very well, knowing that they were going to do a c-section. Not the birth I wanted at all. I cried through the entire procedure because I wanted to deliver naturally. I finally stopped crying when he was out and crying himself…..then I started balling because I knew he was OK. Brandon was able to hold him for about 5 minutes, and they allowed me to give him kisses, which just made me cry even more. They finally sent Brandon to the nursery with the baby while they finished with me. About 5 minutes after I got into the recovery room DH and my mother come walking in. Apparently, my mother called 2 minutes before Thaddeus was born and Brandon’s mother called 2 minutes after…guess they knew.

Thaddeus has arrived!

Our first child, Thaddeus, has finally arrived! Thaddeus Has Arrived, He's Healthy & Mamma is Doing Good. Life is about to change for us!
Thaddeus was born at 7:25 AM on July 17th. He weighed 8lbs and was 20 inches long and without any complications.