It’s a fact of life – kids have nine months of planned activities and routine, but when summer arrives, it’s just…. boring! As kids or adults, we’ve all been there, trying to find some activity – any activity! – to entertain the kids. Here are a few of my favorites summer boredom busters that are perfect for kids.

Kids have nine months of planned activities and routine, but when summer arrives, it can be boring. Here are 6 summer boredom busters for the kids.

6 Summer Boredom Busters

Create an Activity Jar

Along with your children, write down some things that they might like to do during their break. Go for a bike ride with mom (or dad), camp out in the backyard, take a trip to the library. Include your kids’ input. When you don’t have an idea of what to do, choose from the jar!

Create a Chores Jar

If your kids don’t regularly help around the house, or if you have special jobs that need to be done, this is a good way to get them involved in helping. You can choose one per day, or when they can’t figure out what to do (when they’ve complained about I’m Bored! One too many times). Some of the bigger jobs could have a payment attached. Your kids most likely do the chores up to your standard, but the point is that they will help (every kid likes to help).

Find a Hobby

Let your child choose what they are interested in, and help them to learn more about it. Trips to the library, classes, or even an older mentor could be included. Even young children have strong interests – if your child wants to be a fireman or police officer, arrange for a visit to the local station. If it’s music, have them take lessons for an instrument.

Discover Your Town

Plan a short or day trip to your local area, visiting the historical sites, factory tours, museums (especially children’s museums) and other points of interest. Take lots of pictures, and make a journal or your trip. If the journal is online, you can share with distant relatives!

Spend the day at a Park

We have some great parks in our area, and any of them would be a nice way to spend a day. Pack a picnic, bring a kite to build and fly, a ball and play catch, and stay until evening. You can roast hotdogs and marshmallows, go on a hike, and even ride bikes if you have a way to transport them. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Tour a Factory

There are factories almost everywhere; we had several within 30 minutes of our home when we lived in Michigan. Most plants have tours that you can take and even those who don’t will most likely try to accommodate your group. Kids (and adults) are mesmerized by how ordinary raw materials get transformed into something they use every day. If you have a choice, bakeries (even small ones), and lumber mills are good choices; electronics are not as appealing to children (not as much to see). Call ahead to see if they can provide a tour.

These are a few of my favorite summer boredom busters for keeping the kids entertained during the summer. Hopefully, they will give you some inspiration for your summer adventures!