Have you ever had one of them days that you just felt like doing some window shopping but without leaving home? I mean, I went to the mall this morning for some walking, and I always do window shopping there and sometimes pick things up.  Have you ever just sat down at the computer and looked up a particular type of product(s) and decided to do window shopping to see that was new out there?

I’ve been doing that lately with the Babyhome site, which recently came out with their 2013 collection of baby items.  Now, technically Xavier is a bit too old for a couple of the items, and we don’t need another stroller, but I just love their line of products in this collection.  Just check out this collection, I’d so love to get my hands on that stroller!

Babyhome was founded in 2005 with a goal of bringing functional and aesthetic innovation to childcare products, and although they are based in Barcelona, Spain, they have a headquarters in Chester, New Jersey.  Their products are available in 35 countries!

You can find Babyhome on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest!  See something you like, you can purchase the Babyhome items from Magic Beans.