When we purchased our home in 2009, we were in love with just about the entire place. It had everything that we were looking for when we were house hunting; hardwood floors, fireplace (we got two), attached garage, and a basement! The house had been on the market for about a year before we purchased it and they had pulled all the carpeting and put a fresh coat of paint throughout the home before we purchase it. I think this is why we liked it so much, had the carpeting remained and they hadn’t painted, we probably wouldn’t have given it a second look.

There were two rooms in the house that we knew would need some remodeling, the kitchen and the bathroom. We’ve done a little work on the kitchen to make it more current but the bathroom still looks like it did in 1951 when the house was built. The time is coming where we need to have a more modern style bathroom, one that not only fits us but also can actually fit into the small space that is our current bathroom. That pretty much leaves out designer bathroom vanities so we’ll be looking more into contemporary bathroom sinks. That’ll definitely make Brandon happy because that’s more what he’s been wanting in the bathroom anyway because it’s such a small room and having a cabinet takes up too much valuable room.

Me on the other hand.

I’d love nothing more than to have a nice designer vanity with cabinets below and drawers for storage. Unfortunately the only way that is going to happen is if we were to put Xavier into Thaddeus’ bedroom and expand the bathroom, which would give us one HUGE bathroom!  Room for a shower stall, bathtub, and much more!


Which would you choose?