The days seem to be coming to an end for us to be able to go up to my grandmother’s Harbor Beach home up on Lake Huron. Since her passing, they’ve had her house up for sale, and it’s only a matter of time before it’s sold.  It’s going to suck not being able to go up there. Although I’d love to make it up there more often than we do, it’s just not always possible.

However, for Labor Day weekend this year, we decided we’d make it up there.  We even had my In-Laws up there with us. They got to spend some quiet time with us and just disconnect from everything.

The Boys on the Boat

Labor Day in Harbor Beach

It turned out to be a great weekend. We arrived a day early and did some shopping for food.  We also got to visit the Harbor Beach Lighthouse and go on a tour, which was awesome because it was the first time the boys had been on a boat!

Harbor Beach Lighthouse

This was the first time that I had visited the Harbor Beach Lighthouse, even though I had been going up to Harbor Beach for years to visit my Grandma. Sure which I would have visited sooner, but glad I got the chance to visit it.

In the 1800’s, ships sailing up the Michigan coast of Lake Huron were protected from the prevailing westerly wind by the Michigan landmass until they reached Saginaw Bay. There the winds and storms blew unobstructed the length of the bay and often created treacherous, sometimes fatal conditions for schooners trying to cross the bay.

When the weather prevented the schooners from crossing the bay, they had to turn back and head for the safety of the St. Clair River, some 80 miles to the south. Great Lake captains demanded the government build a harbor where they could seek shelter from the Lake Huron storms.

In 1872, after several locations along the coast were considered, the natural cove at Sand Beach, approximately sixty miles north of the mouth of the St. Clair River, was selected as the site of the Government Harbor of Refuge.

Visiting the Harbor Beach Lighthouse was an amazing adventure that I'm glad I got to experience with the entire family.

While it isn’t a full day tour, it is a great tour to take. You get a boat ride to the lighthouse and you get to spend time learning all about it.

Here’s some of the pictures from the tour, enjoy!

Family Land & Visit

It was a very overcast weekend, the water was warm enough for Thaddeus & his PawPaw to enjoy, and the boys got to spend some quality time with their grandparents. Something they don’t get to do too often since they live 6+ hours away!

Granted, not everyone has a family place they can stay at when they want to visit the Harbor Beach area. It is still worth finding a place to rent, whether that be a hotel room or even an AirBnB.

Freighter going through Port Huron on Lake Huron


Xavier loves his Nanna and PawPaw and loves it when he gets to spend time with them. It isn’t something he gets to do often, but when he does, it is the best time!

Xavier & Nanna in Harbor Beach

Xavier & PawPaw in Harbor Beach

Xavier is the explorer in the family. He’s very cautious of where he is walking. As you can tell in this picture where he doesn’t even look up for the picture.

Xavier walking to Lake Huron


Thaddeus on the other hand. He’s my water boy. He is happiest when he is out in the water or looking out at the water. As you can tell, he’s enjoying the weekend.

Thaddeus & PawPaw in Lake Huron

Thaddeus at Lake Huron

Let’s hope we can get at least another visit up there; even if it is just for a day trip. This will allow us to say our final goodbye to the area and to Grandma. Love & Miss you so much!

Where is your favorite vacation spot for your family?