you When a sudden home emergency hits, time is of the essence. If you’re prepared to deal with whatever is thrown at you, you can mitigate the amount of damage done to your home. Plus, the faster you react, the less damage your home will sustain from the emergency. Knowing what to do or who to call can make a huge difference in an emergency scenario.

Knowing what to do or who to call during home emergencies can make a huge difference in an emergency scenario. Here are 4 scenarios to tackle.

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How to Tackle These 4 Home Emergencies Today

Some of the most common home emergencies people face include:

  • Getting locked out
  • Clogged pipes
  • Power failure
  • A grease fire in the kitchen

Here’s a quick guide on how to tackle each of these home emergencies.

Getting locked out

It happens to the best of us. You’ve forgotten your keys at home, but all the doors are locked, and nobody else is home, or coming home anytime soon. Trying to get back inside and taking the wrong steps can make your already bad situation worse. You could end up damaging your locks in attempting to pry or pick them open. If you try to break into your own house, you could break a window. This can cause some serious suspicion from passers-by.

In the middle of the situation, you can always call a locksmith to come and let you back in. It may not be immediate, but it will help avoid causing any damage to your home. In the future, make sure you have a spare key and give it to a trusted neighbour or friend that you can rely on.

Clogged pipes

Clogged pipes can lead to toilets, tubs, and sinks overflowing. Water damage is a major problem in a home, which can cost a lot of money to fix. If you have a blockage in your toilet or sink and the water won’t drain, the first step to take is to try a plunger to force the blockage out. The next step is to try using a drain cleaner to try and dissolve the blockage, but be careful with these chemicals, as they can cause damage to your pipes with continued use. If all else fails, calling a plumber is the safest way to make sure the issue will get fixed.

Sometimes, clogged pipes can have too much built-up pressure, causing them to burst. Making a call for an emergency plumber is the correct way to deal with this emergency; however, it can be quite pricey to fix. If you’re in a tight financial spot, one easy way to get cash quickly is through a logbook loan. As long as you have a vehicle, you can use it as collateral and take a loan out against it through companies like

Power failure

When the power goes out, there are some steps you should take to mitigate the fallout. First, make sure you close your fridge tightly and avoid opening it as much as possible until the power comes back on. This will help keep the air inside cool, so your food doesn’t go bad, and you and your family don’t get sick from eating it. Next, unplug your electronics. A random power surge can occur after a power failure, which can damage or destroy anything that’s plugged into an outlet.

A grease fire in the kitchen

The essential rule about grease fires: never use water to put them out. Water reacts with grease, splashing it around and making it spread all over the place. If it’s on fire, it will make a bad situation much worse in an instant. Instead, grab a pot lid made of metal and cover the fire with it until you suffocate the fire. If you don’t have a metal pot lid, smother the fire with loads of baking soda until it has died down.