This June Brandon and I will have been together for 16 years (married in November). We’ve never been on a real vacation, let alone a honeymoon. When we got married, we were both working but barely making enough to live on. Because of all the paperwork and wait time to get married in Michigan, we decided to get married in Kentucky. We decided to do it during Thanksgiving weekend because we both had a long weekend off work.

Honeymoon: 15 Years in the Making

We drove down to Kentucky after work on Tuesday, went to the courthouse on Wednesday to get our marriage license, and then got married that Saturday. We ended up driving back home the next afternoon and back to our routine five days a week of working.

After being married 15 1/2 years we are finally taking our honeymoon! We'll be spending a week in the Florida Keys without the kids!

Picture courtesy of The Rebel Chick from her post: How to Spend a Weekend in the Florida Keys

We had decided that we needed to do a vacation of some sort. However, we weren’t sure what kind of vacation (just us or the kids too), when we wanted to do the holiday, and where we wanted to go.  We knew we wanted to go somewhere warm. Mostly because of the frigged cold winter we were just starting and the one we had the previous year.  So we decided to go to the Florida Keys. However, we didn’t want to go during the super hot summer. We also didn’t want Thaddeus missing school for the vacation. So, this Easter, Brandon and I are heading down the Florida Keys for a week away from reality, and the boys are heading to Kentucky to spend a week with their Nanna and PawPaw who they don’t get to see as much as they all would like.

It is going to be a very fun and exciting trip for us because it is going to be our first real trip (nonweekend get-a-way) and it’ll be somewhere that I’ve always wanted to visit. Not to mention that it’ll be much warmer there than here in Michigan.  Be prepared for some posts when we get back as well as lots and lots of social shares throughout our trip!

Have you ever visited the Florida Keys? What was your favorite thing to do while there?