No one likes to sit home with nothing to do or to spend their day off sitting around the house because they have no money to go out with.  You don’t have to. There is plenty of stuff to do in and around your town that you can do, and it is free or very cheap.  That’s right, going out doesn’t have to be expensive!

Since moving to Hawai’i, we’ve done a lot of things, and many of them have been free or very cheap to do.  Sometimes it is just the cost of gas to drive there.  Granted, not all cities and states have the same great places to visit as we have here in Hawai’i, but if you look hard enough, you can find some cool things to do for cheap or free. I’m sure in your home state you can find some nice things to do that are not expensive and even free; you have to look for them.

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Since we’re still exploring the Big Island, we’ve spent a good amount of money on traveling, mostly on hotel stays.  However, most if not all the places we’ve gone to see have been free or nearly free.

Places to see and visit that are not expensive


Thaddeus & Xavier enjoying the beach

Boys playing in the wade pool at Onekahakaha Beach Park

Beaches are usually free or cheap to visit.  Most fees come with the parking or park pass, depending on the state.  Here in Hawai’i, most beaches are free to visit, and just a few have a $5 parking fee for non-Hawai’i residents.  In Michigan, the beaches usually had a parking fee, which if you go to the state parks enough each year you can get the annual pass when you renew your tags and get into most if not all the state parks for a flat fee.


There is only one little zoo I know of here on the Big Island, and it is free to visit.  There may not be many animals there to see, but it is still a place to visit that the kids can enjoy and learn, and you get to see some wildlife.  Back in Michigan, we always purchased a yearly membership for the family that was $79 because we knew that we’d visit the Detroit Zoo more than twice a year, and it was well worth the cost.  After the second visit of the year, the remaining visits we did were free to us.  Just pack a lunch, snacks, and drinks, and it wouldn’t cost any extra money.

There are other places to visit like museums, gardens, volcanoes, valleys, waterfalls, and even just a day out hiking.  Many of these things are not expensive at all and may also be free to do.

Waipio Valley

Waipio Valley

Going to Kilauea at night is an all new experience that you are sure to remember. The glow of Kilauea is just amazing to see at night.

Volcanoes National Park glowing at night

Visiting Akaka Falls State Park will allow you to see the 442 foot Akaka Falls, Hawaii Islands most famous waterfall, but also the 100 foot Kahuna Falls.

Akaka Falls

Driving the Kohala Coat area to the very end of Highway 270 you’ll be rewarded with an unforgettable view from the Pololu Valley Overlook.

Pololu Valley from the bottom

It always seems to amaze me at the beautiful places you can find in Hawai'i. Visiting Laupāhoehoe Point County Park is a little piece of something special.


Please, remember that there is currently an active volcano that is flowing on the island. However, it does not need to impact your visit to the island. The area affected by the lava flow is roughly one percent of the island. This leaves a lot of the island left to explore without any problem.