Living in Michigan, you know that it is officially summertime when the boats started coming out of storage. Why not discover boating this summer and enjoy some time out on the water. No matter how you plan to spend your summer, discover boating and make your summer even better.

Kicking off summer fun can mean a lot of things, especially when you discover boating! In many areas boating season usually means that summer has started.

There are many things to consider when you discover boating, especially when you are considering buying a boat. Here are just a few:

  • Boat Selector Tool: Here you can choose how many people the boat will be for, how long you plan to keep the boat, and which boat is best for your family.
  • Your Boat Buying Guide: Before you buy a boat there is a lot to consider. How much you can spend? What’s the cost of insurance? Where’s the best place to purchase a boat? Should you get a new or used boat?
  • Get on the Water: Test out a boat before you buy it. There are places that you can rent a boat. You wouldn’t purchase a vehicle without testing it out first. Why would you buy a boat without testing them out?

If you have children, then you want to check out the youth boating programs that are available. You may find that your kids want to discover boating more than anything, and you want to ensure that they are well trained.

Check out this inspirational video on how impactful time spent on the water with loved ones can be!

Discover Boating

Discover Boating is a national, nonprofit program on behalf of the US recreational boating industry aimed to help people get on the water to experience the fun of boating. For those looking to get their feet wet, DiscoverB is an unbiased online resource packed with easy, interactive features on all things boating, including a boat selector tool, get on the water tab where you can find rentals, classes and charters, cost comparison tool, renting options, youth boating programs, education courses – even nautical lingo and how-to videos.