You’ve determined how to visit the Big Island of Hawai’i on a budget; your next step is to keep this trip as budget-friendly as you can. No, it doesn’t have to be an expensive trip when visiting the Big Island of Hawai’i. There are plenty of things to do here that are free or nearly free. Also, remember that there is currently an active volcano that is flowing on the island. However, it does not need to impact your visit to the island. The area affected by the lava flow is roughly one percent of the island. This leaves a lot of the island left to explore without any problem.
You are visiting The Big Island of Hawai'i on a budget, and you need things to do. Here's a list of free things to do on your vacation to Hawai'i.

Free or Nearly Free Things to do


Pretty much all of the beaches on the Big Island of Hawai’i are free or nearly free to visit. And I say that only because there may be a small parking fee at some of the beach parks. You do not need to stay at the local beach resort to spend the day at the beach. The beaches here are available for anyone to use, even if they are located at a beach resort. Some of the beaches you do need to drive into the resort area to get to, some of them you need to hike a good distance to enjoy the beautiful beach, and some of them are right on the side of the road.  Take your pick and know that you have the right to visit any beach you want, just be sure to respect the property.

Shipman Beach

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

With a small $5 fee to enter the park, you have access to so much. Yes, you’ll probably want to take a couple of days to get through the entire park, but at $5 to enter the park and it is open 24 hours a day you can’t go wrong. There is so much to see and do here. You can spend multiple days just hiking and not make it through the entire park. Though you must check out the Steam Vents and Lava Tunnels. You can even have great family time at an active volcano in Hawai’i.

Pana`ewa Rainforest Zoo & Gardens

Although the Pana’ewa Zoo in Hilo isn’t as big as many zoos that are in the United States and doesn’t have nearly as many animals, it is a nice zoo to visit, and it is free! It is a beautiful place to visit and spend the day, especially if you have children.

You are visiting The Big Island of Hawai'i on a budget and you need things to do. Here's a list of free things to do on your vacation to Hawai'i.

Waterfalls & Valleys

You can visit nearly every waterfall and valley on the Big Island of Hawai’i for free or nearly free. Some have a small fee of $5, a small price to pay when you want to see the beauty of Hawai’i!

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Your heart is set on visiting Hawai'i, but you aren't sure how you can afford the visit. Here's how you can visit the Big Island of Hawai'i on a budget.