For most families, the car is an essential part of everyday life. From the school run to the weekly shop, cars keep life ticking over and combine a sense of freedom, fun, and functionality all in one. A car is also probably the second most significant investment a family will make so isn’t it time you showed your vehicle some love with a little bit of personalization.

For most families, the car is an essential part of everyday life. Cars keep life ticking over & combine a sense of freedom, fun, & functionality all in one.


Lights on a car are essential for safety, but why stick with just the practical options when you can go for something far more adventurous? Getting custom tail or headlights can dramatically change the look of your car while additional bumper or off-road lights can make a real statement.

New LED, projector, and fiber optic options have increased performance from standard factory lights so you’ll not only be improving the look of your car – you’ll also be making it safer to drive.

Personalized plates

Probably the easiest way to make your car your own is with personalized number plates. They can be used to make a statement, an apt phrase, or just to stamp your initials on your vehicle. Anything is possible, so get creative.

Contrary to what many people think, shorter plates with fewer numbers and letters are more expensive. However, other than that, the options are pretty much limitless.

Car audio

There can be few more emotionally-stirring moments in life than driving an open road, listening to your favorite track on a great car stereo. It might be down to the enclosed acoustics – perhaps it’s the sprawling landscape rushing by outside – or maybe it’s the physical sensation of the road rolling under you. Whatever it is, listening to good music while driving can be life-affirming.

For the best experience, you’ll want a decent stereo, but that pales into insignificance compared to your choice of speakers. If you’re looking for an affordable speaker that packs a punch, the pioneer 6×9 is a great choice. Not only does their sleek form look great, but they also sound fantastic with dynamic, high-impact bass. These speakers let you feel – as much as hear – the music.

Don’t scrimp on loudspeakers when it comes to your audio set-up. They’re probably the most essential part of the car stereo experience.

Pimp up your wheels

From the trim to the arches to your choice of tire, the wheels of your car are a statement on who you are and the type of driving you to enjoy. There are infinite options to personalize the look while also improving the safety of your ride.

Different tires are suited to different conditions. For the best all-round performance, go for a set of all-season performance or ultra-performance tires. Or, if you want to get really specialized, pick your tire by season and choose specific winter tires for the colder, snowier months – summer tires for when it gets warmer. Each has a different compound and grip pattern tailored for different road surfaces.

Replacing the standard factory options of your car with something a bit more adventurous can make a massive statement while completely refreshing the look of your car. The options are limitless so go wild.

Go for a repaint

A paint job maybe isn’t the cheapest or easiest option but, if you really want to personalize the look of your car, it’s the only way to go. Whether you opt for a fully-customized, all-over respray or just concentrate on selected areas, nothing personalizes a car more than a repaint. Even just painting the lower half of your car, a different color can dramatically change its look and make it look more dynamic. Again, the sky’s the limit, so let your imagination run wild.

Car personalization needn’t cost the earth, and often just simple touches will make a massive difference to the overall look. Whether you refresh the interior or the exterior, a little bit of work can entirely refresh your car and make it feel brand new.