We always hear about “Spring Cleaning” as though the spring season is the only designated time of year for cleaning. I understand the point behind it is that we’ve hibernated all winter in-doors and finally we can open our widows. However, at my home I’ve taken it upon myself to do a little “Fall Cleaning” this year.

As I looked around my house and saw remnants of the summer, I knew it was time for some cleaning. The flip-flops kicked into every corner of every room. The towels still draped over the patio chairs. Let’s not forget about the suitcases piled high in the hallway closet still showing traces from our vacation. It’s definitely time to get out of the summer-is-over rut and clean house before the end of the year.

Fall Back Into a Fresh Start With Fall Cleaning

Fall, like the springtime, is a great time to do some cleaning. This because the weather is still beautiful, clean, and crisp outside. Living in New England, the season is beginning to get wet. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t open up a window and air out the house while taking on a few projects. This past weekend the kids and I rearranged some furniture. We also painted several bookcases and during the week while the kids were at school I stained a china cabinet and reupholstered our dining room chairs with updated, modern fabric. All of this was done with use of a few paint brushes, drop clothes, fabric, and discount supplies.

Back to School

When the kids went back to school in September, I noticed that I was left with the mess we all contributed to by slacking off during our lazy times by the pool. Not to mention the distractions of family cookouts, and weekend road trips. I’ve rallied together the troops and everyone is on board for a fresh start to 2015! We know we can begin taking the necessary steps now. No one wants to be trapped in New England snow storms with a mess on their hands. Take it from me. Do yourself the favor and do a little “Fall Cleaning,”! This way, come April and May you’ll only be cleaning up the Christmas tree pine needles, left over bits of wrapping paper, and instant hot chocolate wrappers left behind.

Fall Back Into a Fresh Start With Fall Cleaning
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