Every contractor must have a variety of special tools that aids them in making their task easier and getting their construction project done accurately. Since a project has to be done in a specific timeline, these tools will allow the workers to get everything done effectively. Most of these essentials are basic tools and do not require a large amount of investment. However, some special equipment is very expensive, but they last the constructor a lifetime and are worth the investment. For example, a scissor lift hire is used to transport concrete and other materials on different floors of a building project.

Essentials for Specialist Construction Projects

Whatever type of construction project you're handling or supervising, having the essential equipment will help everything to go smoothly and efficiently.
You might be a contractor wondering what equipment do you need and where you should start. Do not worry! We are going to share with you a list of essentials for a specialist construction project. Keep reading!


A wheelbarrow is one of the most important pieces of equipment a constructor can have. It has a wheel in the front and two handles at the back used to carry cement or other material. It reduces a lot of human effort that would be required to carry around material or equipment at a construction site.

A good wheelbarrow has sturdy tires and can hold heavy loads without breaking down from the weight.


A mixer allows the worker at a construction site to mix concrete then and there. Portable mixers are mainly used to fill gaps that are small. They also do not require you to order special ready-made mixes of cement. It is usually larger than a wheelbarrow or even a mixing tub. These kinds of mixers are available in all sizes and shapes.

Laser Level

Laser levels are used at a construction site to check whether the poured surface is at a required level of straightness or not. They are useful for checking the elevation or height of pieces of metal that may be used in the foundation of a building.

Many types of laser levels are available to choose from in the market. A quick search on the internet will show you some options that you can opt for as per your requirement.

Edgers and Groove Cutters

A groover cutter is used to create joints on slabs, sidewalks, and walkways, where something like a concrete saw will not cut it. It consists of a horizontal plate and a vertical fin which is used for the cutting process. An edger is almost similar to a groove cutter. It has a rounded edge that is used to create a certain rounded edge on a slab or a walkway or sidewalk.


There are a variety of saws used during a specialist construction project. A concrete saw is a commonly used piece of equipment at any construction site. It is used to remove old or broken pieces of concrete. The type of cut you get depends on the quality of the blade that is being used on the concrete saw.

Usually, a diamond blade is used to get good quality cuts on a piece of concrete. Standard wood saws are also used at a construction site. These can range from a circular saw to a miters saw. While chop saws or reciprocating saws are for cutting pieces of metal that are used during a construction process.

Plate Compactor

It is a large tool that consists of a motor. It is usually used for compacting surfaces, like gravel or granular, to create a surface that is dense and compact enough for a slab of concrete to be laid on top of it. This type of construction equipment is mainly used in areas where the surface is uneven or unstable or where the surface must be flat and stable enough for a slab to be placed on top.

Specialty Tools

For specialty processes like floor polishing or grinding concrete surfaces to achieve a better floor or ceiling, a polisher and a grinder are used often.

A walk-behind trowel is used to eliminate the need to trowel by hand, which can be a very long and hectic process. Nowadays, this kind of trowel is really popular and has replaced hand troweling completely.


Vibrators used at a construction site are very important to finish the pouring process. The vibrator vibrates vigorously on a wet concrete pour to eliminate any type of air bubbles that may have been created during the pouring process. This is crucial to ensure that the foundation of a building is very stable for a long time to come.

Four types of vibrators are generally used at a construction site. An internal vibrator is one where the probe is usually placed inside the wet concrete. A form vibrator is used to eliminate any type of air pocket from the side of a concrete pour. A surface vibrator is attached to a screed during the screeding process. A table vibrator is used to vibrate cement inside a mold.

The Final Words

Whatever type of construction project you’re handling or supervising, having the essential equipment will help everything to go smoothly and efficiently. There are many other types of small pieces of equipment like hammers, screwdrivers or even nails and screws that go into laying a stable foundation of a project. However, special items, like the ones mentioned in this article are often ignored. Today, we have made you aware of some of these essentials. You should consider them before you start your next construction project.

Do you have any tips to help with any construction projects? Let us know in the comments!