With the end of the year not too far away I can already tell that people are going to be looking for ways to get organized. In other words, decluttering their homes and offices. It’s something many of us do at the end of the year. Either because we make a resolution to declutter our lives or because it’s a new year.

We want to start fresh in many areas. I was recently introduced to a Boot Camp for decluttering your life, or at least your home. I was provided with a complementary Kickstart Boot Camp program from Buttoned Up. It’s a 30-day program to help kickstart your decluttering with some great daily decluttering activities. There are also printables, and even videos to help you along your way!

Decluttering with the Buttoned Up Boot Camp

Here’s how it works. You sign up and you get daily emails with your task for that day in it. The email will tell you what room or area of the house you will be working on. It will include what things you should do to accomplish the task. Lastly, it’ll tell you if there are any printables you may need in order to complete the task. Buttoned Up Boot Camp is a personalized product line with style and is great for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers. Let's get decluttering!

One of the things I love about the Kickstart Boot Camp is that even though they have the month laid out for you, you are able to not only adjust the amount of time you need to complete the daily activity but you can also adjust the order in which you perform to activities. That’s right if you need an extra day or two to complete the task, just log in and pause your task. If you would rather do a different room today, just click the day you want to do and drag it to the spot where you want it.

Boot Camp

What are some of the decluttering tasks you’ll be doing? Here are some of the days that are involved and what you might expect on those days.

Day 1

Detox day, you will go through the entire house and toss out anything that is no longer used, doesn’t fit, is broke, etc. Prepare some donation boxes and place one in the kitchen and one at the bottom of your coat closet.

Day 5

Detox the kitchen. Take 30 minutes and find anything in your kitchen that is still in working condition but that you no longer use and place it in the donation box. Once done put the donation box in your car.  Now go through all the cabinets and toss out all the old spices, old frozen foods that are past their time, go through your junk drawer, etc., and toss the items.

Day 14

Clean up your office desk. I loved this one because every once in a while your desk just becomes a mess. Just take 20 minutes out of your day and clean up your office desk. Before & After Desk

Day 9

Clean out your closets. This could take some time and you may need an extra day or two. But clean out your closets. Remove all dry cleaning bags and hangers, toss out the old wire hangers, and pick up the stuff on the floor. Before & After Closet

Each week you will have a strategy session day where you just stop buzzing, reconnect with the big picture, and map out your priorities, and set them in stone. Now you are going to find it hard to stick with some of the tasks and not start organizing things as you are detoxing, but just remember to do only what is asked for that day.  Also, remember that you don’t want to toss everything into garbage bags, there are a lot of items that you might think to just toss but remember those things might be good donation items.

You also may find that some of the tasks don’t fit your home. For instance, there are a couple of days where you are to spend working on your entranceway.  Well, not all houses have an entranceway that can really get too cluttered, like our home, so you may want to adjust the room. Instead of doing the entranceway on two days do the entranceway one day and your linen closet the next day or your kid’s bedroom closet, or the laundry room.