Spring is just around the corner and you know what that means! Yard sales are going to be popping up all over the neighborhood. Are you ready for your next yard sale? Do you have all the things you need?

Having a yard sale is an excellent way to earn extra cash while clearing your house of clutter. If you aren’t careful, however, a yard sale can become a very overwhelming and unfruitful experience. Read on to find out how you can reduce stress while improving your success when holding a yard sale.

Preparing for the Yard Sale

Having a yard sale is a great way to earn extra cash. Here are 9 ways to reduce the stress and improve the success of your next yard sale.

Start collecting items now

The moment the idea of a yard sale pops into your head is the perfect time to start finding things to get rid of. The end of each season is one of the best times to collect clothing for the sale since you need to get them out of the closet anyway.

Set the date as soon as possible

Make sure you give yourself at least two weeks to properly get ready for a yard sale. If you work a full-time job and have children, you may want to double this time to one month. The more time you have to get ready, the less stressed you will be about cleaning and decluttering your home.


At least a week before the yard sale, you need to have an advertising plan ready to go. Place an ad in the local newspaper with the date, time, and descriptions of what you are selling (clothing, kitchenware, DVDs, etc. ). This usually costs money, so think about that before you go this route. You’ll be eating into your profits!

Perhaps a cheaper method is to create yard sale signs for both ends of your street as well as at the end of your driveway. Put the signs in place one week before the sale. Also, be sure to tell your family and friends so they can come by and shop. Word of mouth is powerful for yard sales.

Sort your items as you store them until the yard sale

When you begin putting things away to sell, categorize the garbage bags or boxes you place them in. This makes it MUCH easier to set up your yard sale when the day comes. Place the items in one section of the garage or outbuilding, keeping them safe until your big day.

Price the items before you pack them.

Along with categorizing, placing price tags on your items as you put them up makes things easier when it’s time to set up your yard sale. Use masking tape and a sharpie to price your items, as those little price tag dots tend to come off when items are stored. The tape will create a better hold, so you aren’t redoing your prices on the day of the sale.

The Day of your Yard Sale

Have lots of tables and boxes

You want to make it easy for your shoppers to see all the items you are selling. Tables are perfect for folded clothing, knick-knacks, and other small items. Boxes are perfect for shoes, toys, or books. If you can manage a couple rolling racks for hanging clothing, that will keep your sale even more organized!

Be set up by 7 am

Set your alarm clock for no later than 6 am, so you have plenty of time to set out all of your sale items. If you have a garage, setting these things up the night before can get you a jumpstart on the day. Many yard sellers are out and about by 6:30-7 am, so you want to make sure you have most of the items out where they can shop by then.

Have change – dollars and coins – on hand!

Being able to give change is critical for your yard sale. You would hate to lose out on a $10 sale because you can’t give the buyer change for a $20! A few fives, several ones, and a handful of quarters, dimes, and nickels are essential to have on hand for the start of your sale. Place the money in a fanny pack or cash bag for safekeeping between sales.

Decide what to do with the leftovers

Before the yard sale is over, determine what you want to do with the remaining items. If you want to get rid of everything, no matter the price, you may want to start deeply discounting your items by 10 am. If you would rather enjoy the tax write off, pack up what you don’t sell and make a donation to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.