We always like to take the quick and easy route when it comes to certain things. Gardening is no exception, especially when it comes to container gardening. How can there be any simple and quick tips when it comes to gardening? Let me tell you five quick and simple tips for gardening.

How can there be any simple and quick tips when it comes to gardening? Let me tell you five quick and simple tips for gardening.

Reuse Cooking Water

The next time you boil or steam vegetables keep the water that is left over and use it to water your plants. The plants will thank you for it because the water will now have some of the extra vitamins from the vegetables that you cooked in the water.

Tea & Coffee Grounds

Plants, especially Azaleas, Rhododendrons, and even Blueberries love when you sprinkle a small amount of tea or coffee grounds in their soil each month. It helps to keep the pH level of the soil on the acidic side. If you compost, you can also add your tea and coffee grounds to the compost.

Soap Under your Nails

If you are like me, and you love to garden without wearing gloves, but you hate cleaning the dirt out from under your nails after, then here is a great tip for you! Take a bar of soap and scrape your nails on it. Having the soap under your nails will prevent the soil from being able to get in there. The bonus is when you go to wash your hands the soap will rinse out and help clean your hands all at the same time. Depending on the soap, you may need to use a nailbrush to get all of the soap out.

Drying Herbs

You may think that it can take weeks, if not months, to dry herbs. This is not the case. One of the quickest ways to dry herbs is to lay them out on a newspaper and place it in the seat of your car. Roll up the windows and close all doors and the herbs will dry out entirely. As a bonus, your car will smell wonderful.

Plant Markers

A fun and easy way to mark your plants would be to use a smooth surfaced rock and paint them up. You can paint the rock one color and then use another color to write the name of the plant. You’ll need to use decent size rocks for this to ensure that you’re able to get the full word written on the rock. You can even decorate them in different styles if you want. This could make a great DIY project for your children. You can also just paint the rocks white and then use a permanent marker to write the type of plant on the rock. This will allow you to use smaller rocks for container gardening.

Which one is the most valuable to you? Do you know of any tips for gardening that should be included in this list? Let us know in the comments.

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Gardening doesn't have to be a scary thing. Even beginner can do great at gardening. Here you will find some great tips for gardening for beginners.