One of the nice things about having family all over the United States is we always have somewhere to visit. For instance, that time we took a week-long trip to Florida to visit my dad and grandmother. Oh and we also stopped at Walt Disney World Epcot, Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park, and the beach. OK, we visited the beach a few different times.

Needless to day it was a great trip!

Four Generations - Family Trip to Florida

Four Generations

Florida Family Fun

While we spent a week in Florida, we not only got to visit several places, we spent a good amount of time with family. Not only did we spend time with my dad and grandmother, but we also got to see several cousins and their spouses who just happened to be vacationing in Florida also.

We Made it to Disney World - Florida

Walt Disney World: Epcot

When most people think of Disney World, they don’t think about Epcot. I mean, a lot of people go there, but they really go to Disney World for the fun and rides at the other parks. However, there is so much to see in Epcot and it is my favorite of all the Disney World parks.

Epcot in Florida
I knew that we probably wouldn’t be making another trip to Florida in a long time, so I insisted on us visiting Epcot. We weren’t going for Thaddeus, we were going for my husband, Brandon. He loves to learn and while you are taught stuff at Epcot, you get to see and experience other parts of the world.

I figured that Thaddeus was too little to really enjoy and remember going to Disney World, so I wanted the visit there to be more for my husband and I.

Taking a family vacation to sunny Florida. Spending a week exploring Epcot, beaches, & Homosassa Springs all while having fun with family.

Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park

Eagle in front of American Flag

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State park has been a tourist attraction since the early 1900s, when trains stopped to let passengers off to walk the short trail to the first-magnitude spring. The tracks ran alongside what is now Fishbowl Drive. While passengers enjoyed a view of Homosassa Spring and its myriad of fresh and saltwater fish, the train’s crew were busy loading their freight of fish, crabs, cedar and spring water aboard the Mullet Train.

The 50-acre site and surrounding 100 acres was purchased in the 1940s and was operated as a small attraction. In 1964, the Norris Development Company bought the property and expanded it as Homosassa Springs “Nature’s Own Attraction,” with an emphasis on entertainment and with a variety of exotic animals and some native species. Ivan Tors Animal Actors housed their trained animals at Homosassa Springs Attraction for several years.


As you can see, you aren’t subject to just marine life at Homosassa Springs.

Fun at the Beach in Florida

Beach Time in Florida

We couldn’t make it all the way to Florida and not visit the ocean! I had been here many times during the time that I lived in Florida with my dad. However, Thaddeus had never seen water so big and blue before. Michigan may be surrounded, almost completely, by the Great Lakes. However, they are nothing compared to the Gulf of Mexico.

First time in the ocean - Gulf of Mexico in Florida

First time in the ocean – Gulf of Mexico

Have you ever visited Florida? Let me know what you thought of your trip there.